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Why YOU should have FUN with ME

No matter what level you're at (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Athlete Amateur or Professional).
I'm here for YOU. Adapt for YOU. Commit for YOU. Motivate YOU.
Inspire YOU to get where you really want to go, achieve your goals and see amazing results that you don't even expect!

Inverted yours,

Mathieu Bolillo


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When new client is referred by yourself to me, 10%OFF will be applied on your plan!
Prices may vary due to driving or flying to the client's place, the amount of classes taken by week and agreed with the client.
For full act creation and guidance such as choreography, artistic direction and step up your stage presence: mathieubolillo@hotmail.com.


As a handstand master, I invite you to amaze yourself improving your handstand while practicing together.
My method and the way I teach, with 20 years of experience, makes you discover, face and overcome your deepest self such as fears, doubts and so on while having FUN!

Show me how you do a handstand and I'll guide you to make YOUR LIFE the BEST!

I'm a passioned and dedicated human being. My ultimate goal is to make YOU feel HAPPY and CONFIDENT!
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Mathieu Bolillo, always in motion

Mathieu Bolillo is a highly skilled performer with 30 years of athletic and acrobatic experience and an insatiable drive to further his skill and push the human body to new limits. He has been featured at special events and television shows worldwide.

Winner of the 2016 US Aerial Championship in Innovative & Unique Apparatus, he made his Las Vegas debut in Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka and has continued showcasing his exclusive act for venues all over the world.


Questions, comments or special requests ? I'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to reach out today.

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Phone : +1 (702)881-3097 - contact@mathieubolillo.com